VR – Metaverse – group in Manchester

Immersive Manchester’s first face-to-face event occurred, on the 1 December, at the Bonded Warehouse (former location of Coronation Street) where numerous creative companies have installed themselves including a base for AVimmerse. About 60plus attended the evening session hosted by Keith who has also lectured at the University of Manchester.

The discussion flowed on the tech to the applications to the repeat historical notes from previous decades – with references back even to the early 80’s (sure could have been earlier ones). Speakers included:

-Keith Myers: ‘What is the metaverse and should I care? Where the technology will likely head.’ contact@AVimmerse.co.uk
-Simon Benson: ‘The Path to the Metaverse for all…foundational technologies and trends that are likely to significantly amplify the influence of the Metaverse.’ Simon.Benson@TalentForTech.co.uk
-Mark Ashmore: ‘A brief history of the journey to the metaverse. As Web 3.0 , Web3 and the Metaverse become trending buzz words, what is actually happening?’ Immersive Arts Laboratory – By Future Artists
-Peter Woodbridge: ‘Beyond the metaverse. Immersive, Realtime & Spatial Technologies…TV and Film to creating new opportunities’ woodbridgepj@gmail.com


Digital Volume Correlation – Prize Talk and Training in CCPi tools

Catherine Disney gave a presentation talk at the CCP Steering Panel meeting that was hybrid from the University of Leeds (in the newly opened Bragg Building; 23 November 2022) – across all the sites, after winning the CoSeC Impact award 2022.

She was a joint winner for the 2022 Computational Science Centre for Research Communities (CoSeC) Impact Award utilising effort from the https://www.CCPi.ac.uk development team and these specific results focused on quantifying intervertebral disc microstructural dynamics of collagen fibers using digital volume correlation (DVC).

The CoSeC Impact Award application for 2023 will be ready in January – and link here when available. Contact the Core CCPi (CIL) development team to gain hints and guidance on submitting an application.

Training course continue and a specific DVC is on 6 December 2022.