Dealing with network software projects, many based on imaging, I have a preferred license model: that favors Apache License version 2.0, which allows virtually all uses for the code, and this can incorporate other licenses say for libraries etc. (options then are through GPL3).

Thanks over many discussion for this policy – note not binding officially in any sense – including contributing as a modified version of the CCP_PETMR / CCP_i / savu_DLS communities.

To contribute code to this project, (“the Software”) this is under the terms of the Apache License version 2.0 (AL2) or under the terms of the GNU General Public License 3.0 (GPL3). The Software provided is described as follows: {add details here}.

Any other software: unless indicated otherwise at the time of provision, such additional software shall be deemed incorporated into the definition of “the Software” under this Agreement and licensed to the owners under the same terms. Such contribution could for instance take the form of a submission of a pull-request or a git commit.

The ownership of the copyright in the Software licensed will remain with us, the contributor, and we request that the names of the authors as copyright owner, are acknowledged on any copy of the Software that you may release in original or modified form.

Furthermore, as stated by the AL2 terms and without intending to affect those terms, the Software is provided without any warranty as to its quality or fitness for any general or particular purpose.

We confirm that the Software was entirely created by the authors named and that the licence granted under this letter will be valid and binding upon us.


Apache license as used within PETMR is here (note links to GPL):


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