Visualisation User Needs Survey

At the end of 2014 we analysed a Visualisation Tools survey for certain HPC and computational users.


The results from over 100 respondents are being edited at:

Executive summary states; for the global survey there were seven key outcome results that can be acted upon:

  • Three packages are the most-used packages by 26% of respondents. Conversely, another 31 packages are used by one or two users and account for a further 26% of respondents.
  • Producing publication quality plots is the most-used technique.
    However, the features making these packages the favourites are:
    – Software that is written specifically for their domain of interest.
    – Large datasets are handled efficiently.
    – Scripting or other ability to extend the tool is required.
  • Users second most favoured packages are general purpose visualisation tools.
  • Users were given five options for selecting their most required development. None emerged as being more needed than the others.
  • Conversely, large amounts of memory was clearly the most important requirement for high performance visualisation.
  • The main future challenges are suggested to be
    – The ability to handle large amounts of data
    – The ability to operate in a distributed environment.

A series of further surveys and follow-up questions are planned as well as afull review next October (2015).


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