SciVis4All a consortium for the future from EuroVis 2014

During EuroVis 2014 in June at the University of Swansea we had post dinner and then extended discussion meeting regarding the possibility of considering Visualisation as a CCP in itself or as a cross-service role to other CCPs.

1. The conference hosted about 250 people so there is a vibrant and large community which would be active in supporting. The UK component is a good size and this year it was reported that there was a significant increase in interest from a range of UK universities.

EuroVis Conference Dinner - June 2014 held at Swansea

EuroVis Conference Dinner – June 2014 held at Swansea

2. There is alterntaive networks within the UK including the Eurographics UK Chapter: who could support and assist in further network development. They also represent 10 or so people across the two main communities of Computer Graphics and Visualisation. A recent survey has involved trying to define the distinction between these two main groups.

Question is what is the key software deliverables;

  1. information visualisation or scientific visualisation – or both.
  2. specific API toolkit or major product including interface etc.
  3. web-based portal type programming or stand-alone application
  4. how localised a network of developers vs users


Swansea City is meant to be the wettest city in the UK- and we had to suffer the 30 min walk across the wilderness from the hotel to the university; there and back every day.

Gorgous sunshine on beach walk to University of Swansea from hotel during EuroVis 2014.

Gorgeous sunshine on the beach walk to the University of Swansea from our hotel during EuroVis 2014.



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